Other Programs

Veterans Scholar Program

The goal of the Veterans Scholar Program (VSP) is to elevate the academic and professional success of student veterans at ASU while evolving them into civic assets through service in the community. A joint venture of the Public Service Academy and the Pat Tillman Veterans Center the VSP helps student veterans gain the skills and confidence necessary to transform themselves into leaders in the civilian world and in their chosen career path. Funded by a generous grant from the Women and Philanthropy at the ASU Foundation the VSP has been benefitting student veterans at ASU since 2018.



The goal of the Emergency Corps (EC) is to arm interested students with the skills to begin serving in the field of emergency management while still pursuing their studies. Students in the EC take FEMA Corps courses at their own pace and when completed can deploy to real-world emergency situations. This unique offering is a joint venture between the Emergency Management Program in the Watts College and the Public Service Academy.