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Student Leadership

The NGSC is a leadership development program designed to guide students in their journey to becoming character-driven leaders through social change practice and engagement with their social mission. Each member of the NGSC is required to serve in a titled leadership role for a minimum of one semester to successfully graduate from the program. Serving in a titled leadership role provides students the opportunity to practice the leadership skills they are learning and apply classroom concepts to real world situations. This is a critical aspect of their journey to becoming a character-driven leader.

Students fulfill this expectation in one of two ways. First, the NGSC offers students the opportunity to serve in 50+ titled student leadership roles; such as Chief of Staff, Committee Chair, or Mission Team Leader. As there are a limited number of NGSC Leadership positions offered each year, students can also serve in leadership positions outside of the NGSC to successfully fulfill this requirement. Students have the option to serve in numerous leadership roles within the community, at work, or as a student club officer on campus.

2023-2024 NGSC Executive Leadership Council



Andrea Borkowski

Chief of Staff

Kristen Keller

Deputy Chief of Staff

Addison Gruener

Communications Chair

Kenneth John Soong

Innovation Chair