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Who We Are

The Public Service Academy (PSA) debuted in 2015 with the intention to educate the next generation of public servants. The original vision was to create Public Service Academies - at public universities around the country - that developed military and civilian national service leaders, side by side, armed with the skills, networks, and experiences to take on our most complex challenges. This national network of Public Service Academies would produce a new generation of values-based, character-driven, and adaptive leaders for both civilian and military service to the nation. At the time, it was the only program of its kind in the country. The goal was to lead a charge that other universities would follow.


As the anchor program of the Public Service Academy, the Next Generation Service Corps (NGSC) was created with a new type of leader in mind. A leader who understands our society's complex challenges today, and who recognizes the need for collaboration between the public, private, nonprofit, and military sectors to address these challenges.



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The NGSC is a four-year undergraduate leadership development program, with a two-year transfer track, that trains character-driven, cross-sector leaders committed to addressing complex social issues.


Students earn a certificate in Cross-Sector Leadership, serve on teams centered around a shared passion for a social issue, complete internships in each sector, must serve in a leadership capacity, and participate in required seminars, conferences, workshops, and community service.  The program institutes a student leadership structure that develops 60+ corps members at a time, as they operate the program - peer-to-peer - in essential roles like communications, event planning, recruitment, teaching, conduct, data analysis, community partner development, and evaluation, to name a few.

The NGSC offers students a unique opportunity to learn about complex challenges from different perspectives, develop essential leadership skills through experiential learning, and build a diverse network of student peers, accomplished leaders, and community members that will help them achieve their professional goals.

In May 2023, the Public Service Academy graduated its 5th cohort of NGSC students, bringing the number of students who have completed the program to approximately 500 alumni. From degrees in accounting to gender studies, PSA students have graduated with over 150 unique majors. Many students go on to work in the public or private workforce, while others continue to advance their education through graduate degrees. Top industries include government – local, state, and federal; healthcare; education; management consulting; non-profit, and research.

We envision a future shaped by leaders in all fields, across all sectors, working collaboratively to serve our communities and ensure the sustained development and prosperity of society and everyone in it.


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