NGSC Engagement Circle

NGSC leaders are socially and civically engaged life-long learners. They recognize the need to challenge the status-quo – starting with their own biases and perceptions. To be a character-driven, cross-sector leader is a journey and a practice. The NGSC Engagement Circle is intended to deepen members’ commitment to serving the greater good in a variety of ways while encouraging personal growth.

Engagement circle revised-1


It is expected that every NGSC member will ENGAGE in a minimum of four unique ways each semester, aiming to engage the full circle by the end of their NGSC experience and integrating their multi-faceted engagement into their life beyond NGSC requirements. Members may choose the ENGAGE activities in which they would like to participate based on their skills, interests, and schedules and are encouraged to use the ENGAGE circle to capture the multitude of ways they engage within and beyond the NGSC, and to more accurately reflect the full leadership development journey they are on.