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Developing Leaders to Create a Better World


As the anchor program of the Public Service Academy, the Next Generation Service Corps (NGSC) is a four-year* leadership development program in which students are armed with the courage to cross sectors, connect networks, and ignite action for the greater good. Students in the program complete a Certificate in Cross Sector Leadership, three internships, and various service and leadership experiences in addition to their program of study.

*Two year track for transfer students

Launched in 2015, the NGSC offers students a unique opportunity to learn about complex challenges from different perspectives; develop essential leadership skills through experiential learning; and build a diverse network of student peers, accomplished leaders, and community members that will aid them in achieving their goals. We envision a future shaped by leaders in all fields, across all sectors, working collaboratively to bring justice and equity to our communities and ensure the sustained development and prosperity of society and everyone in it. 

At the core of the NGSC's mission is an emphasis on public service and servant leadership. Through robust curriculum, meaningful internships, and intentional leadership training and practice, students are given the tools to lead change that benefits the greater good. Service in the community and continuous reflection instill a sense of compassion and allow students to see first-hand how they can contribute to creating a better world. With support, NGSC students take responsibility for their development as a leader and have the freedom to determine how they can make the greatest impact. 


NGSC Core Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Selflessness


Application Process

The NGSC 's goal is to develop character-driven leaders who are committed to becoming catalysts for social change. We attract graduating high school and community college transfer students who have demonstrated leadership or service experience that has directly impacted their communities. In addition to their experiences, applicants must also demonstrate good academic standing at their school with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

 During their time in the program, students will engage in various courses, activities, and opportunities that help build their experience as developing cross-sector leaders. 



Over the course of their 4 (or 2 years) in the NGSC, students complete the following:

  • Image removed. An academic certificate in Cross Sector Leadership - upon completion of the five required courses
  • Image removed.Three internships - one in each of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors
  • Image removed.One titled leadership role
  • Image removed.Active Mission Team engagement
  • Image removed.Attendance at our two mandatory in-person events each semester
  • Image removed.At least four activities from the NGSC Engagement Circle each semester

Ideal candidates

  • Students with a commitment to service who want to be catalysts of change in their careers.
  • Students who view service as creating and implementing solutions for societal challenges.
  • Students who believe it is their duty to ignite social change through their work as undergraduates and career professionals.
  • Students from any and all majors who want to build a network of like-minded, passionate individuals across disciplines.
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  • Incoming first-year or transfer students for Fall admission.
  • Transfer students must be residents of Arizona and must have earned either an associate's degree or 60+ transferable credits from a community college.
  • 3.0 minimum GPA .
  • International Students are not eligible to apply
  • Open to DACA students


Application Deadlines


Applications will be reviewed after each deadline listed below, as space permits. See deadline details below for more information.

After each primary application review, applicants may be invited to the interview round. All interviews will take place virtually over Zoom with an NGSC staff member and student ambassador.

Incoming Freshmen:


Priority Round (all applications will be reviewed)

  • Deadline date: January 15

Second Round (applications will be reviewed as space permits)

  • Deadline date: March 15

Final Round (applications will be reviewed as space permits)

  • Deadline date: June 1

Transfer Students:


Priority Round (all applications will be reviewed)

*Deadline date: March 15

  • Second Round (applications will be reviewed as space permits)

  • Deadline date: June 1


Ready to apply? Click this link to go to the application: Apply Here




While you are a student in the Next Generation Service Corps, you will also be a student at Arizona State University completing your undergraduate degree in your chosen academic field.  You will be engaging in classroom activities, committing to service and collaborating with your peers throughout your time in the program. The NGSC requires a serious time and participation commitment from all of our new students so that we can help develop you as leaders and serve our communities. In return for both your time and participation commitments, ASU ensures that all students in the NGSC have base tuition coverage.



A: We do not offer any degrees in this program and we do not limit admission into the program based on specific degrees. We offer a Cross-Sector Leadership Certificate that all of our students earn upon graduation from ASU and the NGSC.

A: During your tenure in the program, you are expected to complete 3 internships in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Each internship should be a minimum of 70 hours to count as fulfilling your requirement.

A: While you are a student in the program and at ASU, you will have access to NGSC and ASU career databases that help students find internships in the surrounding community. We can assist you in locating resources to find an internship, but we leave the choice of researching and being placed at an internship to you.

A: All 3 internships are required to be completed by the last semester of your senior year.

A: Each member of the NGSC is required to complete a titled leadership role to successfully graduate from the scholarship program. A titled leadership role designates one's position in an organization. The NGSC offers students the opportunity to serve in one of 50+ titled student leadership roles within our organization such as Chief of Staff, Section Lead, or Mission Team Leader. 

A: In your first semester of the program, you will learn about all the Mission Teams and choose which one you would like to participate in for your academic year. We do ask that all students participate in their chosen Mission Team for the academic year.

A: Other ASU scholarships cannot be stacked on top of the Public Service Academy scholarship and the PSA Scholarship cannot be used for room and board. Please reference the scholarship page to read more about the NGSC scholarship and contact Kellie Martin kelliemartin@asu.edu if you have additional questions about financial aid.

A: Yes. Almost all NGSC alumni have graduated within 4 years. For those who did not, most chose to pursue additional degrees, graduate degrees, studied abroad, etc., which required an additional semester, or two, of schooling. If a student requires more than the 8 (or 4 for transfer students) semesters to complete their degree, they are able to use that time to complete NGSC requirements but the PSA Scholarship does not continue. NGSC students do not receive the PSA Scholarship for semesters past the original 8 (or 4) semesters.

A: There are 5 required courses that all NGSC students must complete. These courses are:

  • PAF215 - Community Impact Lab,
  • PAF311 - Leadership and Change
  • PAF315 - Cross-Sector Collaboration
  • PAF415 - Social Entrepreneurship
  • PAF421 - Leadership Capstone.

    Some classes are only offered during certain semesters, but generally there is flexibility for student schedules. In addition to the five classes that are required for the Certificate in Cross Sector Leadership, NGSC students must attend NGSC Preparatory Workshops during their first year in the program as part of their onboarding process.

A: Yes. Students can elect to study abroad and depending on their circumstances, they can remain a member of the NGSC. If a student's circumstances require, students can defer their membership and scholarship for the duration of their study abroad commitment. 

A: Yes! On average, 40% of our students are both Barrett students and in the NGSC. Being in Barrett and NGSC may require more commitments, but it does not increase your credit-load to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. In fact, many NGSC courses are automatically eligible for Barrett Honors credit. 

A: Unfortunately the scholarship is only open to students who have already been accepted to ASU. This means students must be accepted into ASU before applying. 

A: The NGSC is not affiliated with the military, nor is there a service requirement for students after graduation. The NGSC does partner and work with the ROTC programs found at ASU for projects, but NGSC students do not attend ROTC classes nor do they need to complete ROTC requirements.

Contact Information


Kellie Martin
Coordinator, Sr. for Recruitment and Outreach

Email: kelliemartin@asu.edu

Schedule appointment (for prospective students and parents)