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The yearly NGSC events provide professional development opportunities exclusively for NGSC members. These experiences are critical to the effectiveness of the program and a students leadership development within it.These events have fixed dates that are released months in advance of the academic year; all members are expected to attend to remain in good standing with the program.


Key events include:



The Mission Team Kick-off

The Mission Team Kick-off is held towards the beginning of the fall semester each year. While Mission Teams will have already begun their work prior to the kick-off, the event will be the first time new members of the NGSC join their team and engage in team building and planning. This fun event is meant to ensure Mission Teams start their year strong and have the opportunity to get to know each other and strategize for the Mission Team experience they are embarking on. The Mission Team Kick-off is a mandatory event for NGSC members.


The NGSC Leadership Conference

The NGSC Leadership Conference is a conference style gathering held once each year in the spring semester and is a mandatory event for all NGSC members. The general focus is leadership training, professional development, and program specific preparation (i.e. internship networking and Mission Team work sessions). We hope students walk away with valuable information, new skills, and an expanded network. 

Given that the On Leadership Seminar is one of only two times each year all NGSC members come together in one space and interact with each other, an equally important outcome is spending time getting to know fellow NGSC members, building camaraderie and support, and sharing ideas, successes, and struggles with one another. This is invaluable and cannot be replicated elsewhere. Attending OLS provides students with the opportunity to get to know and learn from fellow NGSC students and to deepen their connection to the organization while sharing their own unique perspectives and experiences. The NGSC Leadership Conference is a mandatory event for NGSC members.

The Mission Team Showcase

The Mission Team Showcase is an opportunity for Mission Teams to share what they have worked on throughout the year and share resources and information from their Community Partners with others. The Mission Team Showcase is open to the public, so in addition to our NGSC community and corporate partners, students are encouraged to invite friends, family, and colleagues to attend as well. The Showcase is a mandatory event for NGSC members.


Other Events and Activities

There are many other events and activities offered throughout the year that NGSC students can choose to participate in based on their own interests and availability. While not mandatory, these events provide the opportunity to connect with fellow members and support their work while deepening their connection to the NGSC, ASU, and wider community.