Be a Leader Foundation 2


As members of the Next Generation Service Corp, students earn a certificate in Cross-Sector Leadership through the School of Public Affairs. This certificate augments student’s development as cross-sector leaders by providing a comprehensive overview of how to lead solutions to complex social challenges through collaborative efforts of the public, private, nonprofit and military sectors.

Values-based and character-driven leadership is emphasized throughout the certificate curriculum, as well as how individual, organizational, and sector values can drive a leader's ability to act. Students engage in a systems-thinking approach to real-world challenges faced by local and global communities, explore the diverse characteristics and motives of each sector in engaging in cross-sector collaborations to address these challenges, and master processes to formalize and ensure the success of such efforts. Through project-based classes, students gain leadership skills, such as leading change within and between organizations across multiple sectors, and learn to use human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, and other approaches when tackling community challenges. For their final course, students complete a thesis or applied project that integrates the theories, procedures and concepts learned in the certificate courses with other program experiences .

The certificate in cross-sector leadership is a requirement for, and is limited to, participants in the Public Service Academy's Next Generation Service Corps. Students are required to maintain a 3.00 ASU GPA, a 3.00 GPA across certificate courses and demonstrate forward academic progress to maintain enrollment in the certificate as well as the Next Generation Service Corps.



Certificate Courses -- 15 credit hours

PAF 215: NGSC Community Impact Lab (3)

PAF 311: Leadership and Change (SB) (3)

PAF 315: Cross-Sector Collaboration (3)

PAF 415: Social Entrepreneurship (3)

PAF 421: Leadership Capstone (3)*

       *Alternative: PAF 394: NGSC Leadership Instruction (3)




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