ASU has one of the largest, most robust Reserve Officers' Training Corps programs in the nation, annually training a corps of 650 cadets and midshipmen to be the future military leaders of this nation.  Each year the ROTC programs at ASU commission approximately 100 Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps officers. As the largest single source of officers in the armed forces, ROTC programs fill a vital need in preparing mature, young adults for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical, collaborative sector.

ROTC cadets and NGSC core members build relationships over their 4 years in the Public Service Academy.  Through shared leadership development opportunities, cadets and corps members gain an understanding of the culture, hierarchy and motivations of each others' tracks and build long lasting relationships that will fundamentally impact the way civilian and military leaders interact, helping to close the civilian military gap.

Army ROTC: 480-965-7626
Air Force ROTC: 480-965-3181
Naval ROTC: 480-727-0946
Pat Tillman Veterans Center: 480-965-7723